About PowerCloud

PowerCloud Systems provides system solutions specifically tailored to meet the dynamic needs of mobile Wi-Fi patrons in environments such as hotels, retail chains, restaurants, and managed care facilities.

We enable our service provider partners to deliver:

  • Reliable Wi-Fi that meets the connectivity demands of employees and visiting mobile users.
  • Responsive and efficient support from any Internet connected device.
  • True WiFi-as-a-Service at the industry's lowest total cost of ownership.

PowerCloud pioneered cloud-powered Networking as a Service. We infuse network devices with intelligence from the cloud, and our award-winning CloudCommand platform enables efficient remote management, valuable analytics, and mobile device services on demand.


PARC Heritage

PARC PowerCloud Systems was founded and incubated at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), a Xerox company, in 2008. We spun out as an independent company in 2010, and have 10 granted patents in the areas of virtualized controllers, useable security, wireless communications, and ease-of-use.