Cloud-Managed Enterprise Wi-Fi Access Points

The CloudCommand Enterprise Wi-Fi system offers a portfolio of versatile, high-capacity, and affordable access points that can be centrally deployed, secured, and managed via a 100% cloud-based environment.

Both the Enable CAP324 and CAP324X share the same Qualcomm-based dual 2x2 MIMO 802.11a/b/g/n radios and CPU architecture that offers clean RF signal processing, reliable connectivity and superior computing power to support mission-critical deployments at the highest performance/cost in the industry.

Centrally managed via CloudCommand Enterprise Virtual Management Center (VMC), the Enable line of access points is designed to satisfy the needs of environments characterized by proliferation of personal mobile devices, demanding high data transfer rates across a large number of concurrent connections. Its low cost of acquisition, ease of setup, and ubiquitous manageability, allow for the creation of small-cell deployments with high bandwidth throughput that are reliable and consistent in performance, low in TCO, and ready to scale on demand.


CAP324 - Internal Antennas, Indoor

Enable CAP324 offers a compact, but powerful device created for minimum aesthetic impact in indoor deployments. A precision-built internal antenna ensures high signal quality on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz at range, while maintaining a low profile form factor.

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CAP324X - External Antennas, Indoor and Outdoor

Enable CAP324X is designed for a versatile range of applications and customized deployment options. With standard external antenna connectors, it can support a wide variety of RF configurations indoor and outdoor, when used with its optional enclosure kit.

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panel antenna


Find out more about the Outdoor Enclosure Kit and the Panel Antenna Kit.

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