Breakthrough Visibility and Control, Simplicity

The Skydog Gateway takes advantage of the intelligence and computing power of the Skydog Cloud Service to offer an advanced set of features ensuring a smooth, safe and personalized digital life experience in the home, for businesses and public access Wi-Fi hotspots.

For consumers, Skydog provides the industry's most simple and effective way to guarantee the security, performance and safety of the family online experience.

  • No initial configuration necessary, simple and intuitive advanced configurations;
  • Separate secure access for family, home-office and guest use
  • Enforce security and control Internet access on a per-person basis, regardless of what device they use with fully integrated and ultra-secure parental control
  • No disruptions to work or play with automated bandwidth management and quality of service
  • Monitor usage of critical web sites and receive alerts via email and SMS
  • Check status and control the home network via any mobile device

For small businesses, Skydog provides remote manageability, full visibility for diagnostics and troubleshooting, threat prevention, content access control and advanced quality of service integrated in the most incredibly cost-effective business networking solution in the market.

  • Up to 3 separate zones of service allow multiple types of traffic, such as LAN, credit cards payment processing, or guest and public access, to coexist within the same network infrastructure with no conflict or security concern
  • Bandwidth shaping, device fingerprinting and firewalling optimize performance and maximize security
  • Internet access control and threat filtering on a per-user or per-zone level, flexibly provides a secure, protected and productive workplace
  • Complete remote management of separate networks in multiple offices enables efficient use of IT resources

To maximize the commercial value of each network, features can be delivered as an individual app organized in tiers or individually activated. This allows carriers to offer their customers a progressive engagement and incrementally sell advanced features and seamlessly enable them on-demand.

  • Start with basic networking features
  • Add single-band Wi-Fi
  • Add a second band radio for improved Wi-Fi capacity
  • Add multiple zones of service for guests and secure home office
  • Add quality of service and bandwidth shaping for better media performance
  • Add parental monitoring and content access control.

New features and apps are continually developed and added to the platform as they become available. These capabilities are available in a platform designed to keep support cost to a minimum thanks to self-install, zero configuration hardware and full remote control and troubleshooting that drastically reduce truck rolls and shorten support calls.