Hotspots, Mobile Data Offloading and Location-based Marketing

The Skydog Unified Service Platform provides carriers with a simple way configure and manage large scale public access Wi-Fi networks not only leveraging dedicated hotspot hardware, but also existing customers CPE with full bandwidth management and differentiated authentication capabilities.

Transparent Virtual Network Overlay™ (TVNO) technology enables the secure activation of overlay Wi-Fi services across independent networks. With TVNO technology, Skydog provides unprecedented control to create virtual service zones across end-customer network infrastructures to securely provide multiple, concurring wireless or wired services from the same routers or access points.

  • Simple and fast to get an entire public access W-Fi infrastructure up and running. Zero initial configuration required- no skilled personnel involved in deployment
  • Multiple, concurrent, independent zones of service can be transparently enabled across any number of routers and networks for roaming Wi-Fi services
  • MSP View™ interface provides centralized visibility and remote management of unlimited networks
  • Fully integrated security and content access control services with CompulsoryDNS™ technology for abuse prevention in public access networks
  • Native UAM Integration allows direct connection of individual zones of service to centralized subscribers access control services for unified authentication and user roaming across unlimited Hotspots zones, either with dedicated infrastructure or as Transparent Virtual Network Overlay on existing hardware.
  • Flexible, centralized authentication services include support EAP SIM via RADIUS for seamless Smartphone authentication and connection to data offloading Wi-Fi networks
  • Bandwidth shaping and throttling allow for the allocation of dedicated data rates to each Service Zone
  • Per-zone privacy and content access control guarantee safe Internet access environments with customizable levels of control
  • Presence API provides access to presence information for retail and hospitality analytics and loyalty programs without requiring devices to connect

wide area hotspot roaming
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