Enable CAP324 is the ideal acccess point for indoor environments with high throughput requirements such as hotels, conference centers, or shopping malls, where complete wireless coverage is needed with minimal aesthetic and functional impact.

Its ease of deployment with Power over Ethernet and CloudCommand centralized management, combined with its low cost, make it ideal for the creation of high-density wireless networks that are quick to deploy, simple to maintain, and extremely reliable in providing high-throughput connections to multiple concurrent users.

Dual radio configuration, gigabit Ethernet port and high-quality built-in antennas, provide sustained throughput on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands and provide support for 802.11n, as well as legacy 802.11a, b, and g clients, with CloudCommand unique Virtual Controller architecture.

Built-in enterprise-grade TLS encryption, firewalls for corporate and guest access, multiple VLANs and 802.1X/RADIUS support deliver a secure system that can be integrated with any corporate or public access environment.

Enable CAP324 part number: CAP324.

Product Highlights

  • Optimized for high throughput, high density
  • Low profile, elegant design
  • High-gain internal antennas
  • Virtualized cloud controller
  • Auto-provisioning, self configuring
  • Secure TLS Encryption for management traffic
  • HIPAA and PCI compliance support
  • Native UAM integration
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Active reporting and notification system
  • Built-in complete Hotspot service
  • Enhanced transmit power and receive sensitivity
  • 2x2 802.11n MIMO with two spatial streams
  • Concurrent 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual radios
  • Multi SSID
  • Multi VLAN support
  • Bandwidth shaping and capping
  • Seamless, automatic firmware updates

Optimized for Highest Performance and Lowest TCO per Square Foot of Coverage

Designed for indoor deployments needing sustained, high throughput connections with multiple concurrent devices, Enable CAP324 does not require complex configurations or RF optimization processes.

This access point has been deployed and proven in the most demanding high traffic networks with hundreds of access points, collectively transferring hundreds of gigabits per second to thousands of devices. By eliminating on-site hardware controllers, CloudCommand eliminates the performance bottleneck that frequently impairs high‑density configurations.

The simplicity of deployment, low cost of acquisition, and high performance set a new standard for the reduction of Total Cost of Ownership in Wi-Fi networks, providing a fully scalable range of configurations that can be easily tuned and optimized based on number of concurrent connections, coverage extension or data transfer throughput.

Deployment Guidelines

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DomeShield Kit

The optional DomeShield accessory kit greately enhances the system perfomance in large, single space, high ceiling environments, such as conference centers, lecture halls, and entertainment venues, characterized by ultra-high density of use.

The DomeShield is simple to install with the included ceiling mounting system. It shields interferences, concentrates transmission power, and increases reception gain, to create ultra-high density cells with exceptionally limited cross channel interference and high signal/noise ratio.

DomeShield part number: SB13