Enable CAP324X is designed for a versatile range of applications and flexible deployment options. With its standard external antenna connectors, it can support a wide variety of RF configurations for indoor and outdoor, with optional enclosure kit.

When used with one or two high-gain diversity MIMO sector antennas, CAP324X is especially effective to create compact cell configurations. This is key for environments requiring ultra-high density coverage and large numbers of concurrent high-bandwidth connections, such as open spaces in conference halls, performing centers, and hotel ballrooms. The high-quality signal processing chipset from Qualcomm provides unparalleled connection quality and throughput.

Utilizing the optional, rugged Outdoor Enclosure Kit, CAP324X can be installed outdoors and withstand heavy weather exposure.

Enable CAP324X part number: CAP324X24.

Product Highlights

  • Optimized for flexibility of deployment
  • Multiple omni and directional antenna options
  • Outdoor rugged kit option
  • Virtualized cloud controller
  • Auto-provisioning, self configuring
  • Secure TLS Encryption for management traffic
  • HIPAA and PCI compliance support
  • Native UAM integration
  • Remote diagnostic
  • Active reporting and notification system
  • Built-in complete Hotspot service
  • Enhanced transmit power and receive sensitivity
  • 2x2 802.11n MIMO with two spatial streams
  • Concurrent 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual radios
  • Multi SSID
  • Multi VLAN support
  • Bandwidth shaping and capping
  • Seamless, automatic firmware updates