Outdoor Enclosure Kit

Enable CAP324X can be easily inserted into a water-resistent, rugged enclousure (8.6in x 8.6in x 3.17in) that includes an articulated arm for pole or surface mounting. This simple, low cost kit enables using this powerful access point, and its CloudCommand management system, in outdoor or mixed deployments.

The kit includes box, cover, antenna connectors, seals and mounting arm.

Outdoor Enclosure Kit part number: ODEK8

Panel Antenna Kit

The PA17D is a 17dBi dual polarization MIMO panel antenna that contains four individual elements in one convenient and simple to install package for indoor and outdoor use. When utilized in vertical mount on a wall or pole, it transforms the CAP324X in an extended range access point. When mounted horizontally below a celing, it offers strong signal concentration, creating a high-power cell with reduced cross-channel interference, making it an ideal solution for environments needing to support extreme high density of connected clients.

The kit includes antenna with four ā€œNā€ connectors, arm mount and pole bracket.

Outdoor Antenna Kit part number: PA17D.