PowerCloud Systems Integrates Applications and Analytics; Delivers Wi-Fi with an ROI

Solutions from Cloud4Wi and Swarm Mobile Make Wi-Fi-Based Social Marketing and Retail Analytics Affordable for Any Business

Palo Alto, Calif., September 5, 2013 – PowerCloud™ Systems, a pioneer in cloud-powered networking for businesses supporting connected mobile guests, today announced it has integrated application and analytics functionality into the company's CloudCommand™ Wi-Fi Platform. By seamlessly integrating social marketing, customer engagement and analytics solutions from leading technology partners such as Cloud4Wi and Swarm, PowerCloud has made advanced mobile marketing services affordable for almost any business and has transformed plain Wi-Fi connectivity into a platform for revenue-generating services.

This announcement marks the first time that these applications have been delivered over PowerCloud Systems' unique cloud-powered, Wi-Fi-as-a-service platform, which enables the industry's most flexible, scalable and affordable managed Wi-Fi solution. This deep integration means that not only will businesses be able to implement a private Wi-Fi network with the industry's most rapid Return-on-Investment (ROI); they will be able to transform their wireless access into a revenue-generating platform and a means to deliver new applications that will inform their business decisions.

"Providing Wi-Fi for customers is actually a revenue opportunity for businesses, as well as an opportunity for customer engagement, but many businesses continue to treat Wi-Fi as a cost burden," said Jeff Abramowitz, CEO of PowerCloud Systems. "By implementing a wireless network capable of delivering other mobile applications, not only are they meeting their customers' needs, they can improve customer engagement and get real-time information about their business in exchange for providing this Internet access."

PowerCloud Systems' integration with Wi-Fi hotspot specialist Cloud4Wi is an excellent example of this approach. Cloud4Wi delivers the means for businesses to turn their Wi-Fi networks into customized hotspots that serve as a platform for businesses to monetize their bandwidth by offering additional services. Thus, when a retail establishment allows a mobile customer to connect to their Wi-Fi network using Cloud4Wi, they see a customized portal branded for that specific business, as well as a set of apps and services.

"Cloud4Wi delivers a customizable and easy-to-manage Cloud Wi-Fi hotspot solution that enables MSPs and other partners to offer much more than just Internet access. These companies can now deliver geo-based Web apps, business tools and active content to create value and monetize the Wi-Fi connection they're providing to their guests," said Andrea Calcagno, Cloud4Wi's CEO. "We're excited to partner with PowerCloud because the flexibility and scalability of their platform makes it easy to manage multiple Wi-Fi networks, thus reducing TCO. We are delivering solutions both in Europe and the USA and the customers are excited to offer next-generation Wi-Fi services using Cloud4Wi and PowerCloud."

The innovative Cloud4Wi splash portal offers a rich, custom multimedia channel delivering information and services across any mobile device. Portal services can be content-driven, marketing-focused or authentication-based. The expanding set of web apps and services can be dynamically activated on the portal to enhance end-users' experience and provide effective monetization tools or customer intelligence.

PowerCloud Systems has also integrated a presence API into the CloudCommand platform and partnered with Swarm Mobile, the leading retail analytics and customer engagement platform. Swarm's engine leverages PowerCloud's Wi-Fi data on mobile devices present in a business to provide a suite of presence analytics. Swarm combines presence analytics with transaction data to provide actionable information and marketing services to retail and hospitality operators. In addition, Swarm provides features to engage customers on a 1-to-1 basis, increasing spend and loyalty.

"Swarm's industry-leading analytics suite enables businesses to increase revenue and reduce cost by knowing exactly what's happening in their store in real-time," said Rudd Davis, CEO of Swarm. "We're thrilled to work with PowerCloud because of the scalability and affordability of their platform."

PowerCloud Systems' approach to delivering enterprise-class Wi-Fi, which uses the cloud to deliver intelligence, security and control without the need for an expensive, on-site controller, creates an ideal platform for applications like Cloud4Wi and Swarm. The solution meets the high-capacity connectivity needs of today's mobile guests while serving as a platform for retail vendors, managed service providers and channel partners to add cloud-based, CRM and business intelligence services. With this cloud-based model, organizations can minimize upfront and support costs through rapid, zero-touch deployment and efficient management of PowerCloud's portfolio of access points.

For more information on PowerCloud Systems' platform and the solutions it supports, please visit http://powercloudsystems.com/app_partners.php. Please also follow PowerCloud Systems on Twitter: @PowerCloudSys.