Communication Protocol

The CloudCommand Protocol is rapidly extensible to allow for CloudCommand to control a large variety of networking devices, from routers, wireless access points, and switches to networked end-nodes such as smart-energy meters, surveillance cameras, refrigerators, TVs, and even parking meters.

Focusing on addressing the security and reliability challenges of cloud virtualized computing, the CloudCommand Protocol is secured via TLS asymmetric cryptography for privacy and a keyed message authentication code for reliability, leveraging 802.1x based authentication. It also utilizes a collaborative closed-loop mechanism to guarantee the consistency of its payload delivery process. This ensures a resilient and secure method for dependably controlling devices from the cloud without affecting the integrity of the host network.

  • Secure: It leverages TLS crypto + 802.1x authentication.
  • Thin: Almost insignificant amount of bandwidth is required.
  • Reliable: Utilizes a closed-loop command and control mechanism.
  • Adaptive: It easily accommodates the requirements necessary to control different classes of devices.
  • Resilient: Provides effective and secure communication into complex LAN environments.

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