CloudCommand Firmware

The CloudCommand firmware used in all of our devices is a thoroughbred enterprise stack with all the in-band and out-of-band control functionalities that the enterprise needs plus native cloud integration, extended security, and remote diagnostics capabilities.

Architected to provide all core enterprise functionalities through low-cost hardware, the CloudCommand firmware leverages a proprietary design to minimize footprint and computational overhead even for the most complex and intensive operations such as traffic shaping and content access filtering.

The cloud management layer utilizes patented technology developed at PARC, a XEROX company, to ensure a superior level of control reliability and communication security. Embedded certificate-base protection guarantees that all the management and control traffic to and from the VMC is encrypted.

  • Native cloud management integration: Seamlessly connects to the CloudCommand online virtual controller via encrypted and responsive connection that guarantees real-time control and configuration.
  • Enterprise firewall: Built-in UTM capabilities allow for granular access control and wireless network isolation and protecting the privacy and security of corporate and guest users.
  • Traffic shaping: Bandwidth capping, throttling, and aggregate consumption metering on a per-device or group basis provide flexible and easy to configure access to sophisticated tuning of network performance, allowing for fairness of use, traffic prioritization, and performance guarantees.
  • VLAN support: natively integrates with VLAN segregated environments maintaining the integrity of the security paradigm across all traffic, including the system and control data path.
  • Automatically upgradable: Automatic, scheduled, or manual firmware upgrades are pushed to the device from centralized location as they are made available to continuously enhance the capabilities if the system.
  • Native UAM integration: Designed to integrate with authentication servers based on the UAM standard or directly via RADIUS for the rapid implementation of hotspot, roaming and data offloading applications.
  • Built-in Hotspot: Built-in hotspot engine provides five different authentication options each with full bandwidth control and quality of service on a per-connected device basis, customizable captive portal, with no need for external servers or directories.
  • Mobile-offloading ready with EAP-SIM support: Directly supports EAP authentication methods for data offloading and transparent mobile authentication.