Advanced Console Interface

Developed leveraging Xerox PARC's deep expertise in human/computer interface and usable security, the CloudCommand Management Console (CC_Console) provides access to traditionally complex network management functionality with surprising simplicity.

Engineered in JavaScript, it is universally cross-browser compatible and optimized to provide real-time status information while keeping server load and bandwidth needs to a bare minimum. This contributes to the scalability of the entire system and offers consistent performance regardless of network size.

The console provides end users with a centralized point for configuring and managing the network. From there, devices can be collectively managed and uniformly configured regardless of their physical location.

A simple wizard guides the creation, configuration, and deployment of new networks rapidly and efficiently: devices with CloudCommand technology do not need any onsite configuration once connected to an Internet-enabled LAN.

The back-end interface offers our partners' full visibility into all their customer deployments. This enables efficient customer support and provides performance and diagnostics tools, ticket management, licensing audit, and logs review.

  • Remote management: Gain anytime, anywhere access to manage networks via a web browser interface
  • Process oriented: The interface integrates naturally with all major business processes associated with networks.
  • Simple: The interface offers high usability and ease of use for traditionally complex features and configurations.
  • 3rd party extensible: It can visually integrate services provided by third parties such as online backup and content filtering.
  • Scalable: Rapid, real-time rendering of data via JavaScript interface with ultra-low server load ensures network scalability.